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The Binta Barry Foundation Empowers Youths and Women Through Thrilling Athletic Competition

Foundation Athletics

The picturesque town of Jambur, located in the heart of Kombo South, bore witness to an extraordinary event on the 21st of July, 2023, as the Binta Barry Foundation for Youths and Women's Development hosted a grand athletic competition that united teams from all over the West Coast Region. This remarkable event not only showcased the exceptional sporting talents of the region but also symbolized the Foundation's unwavering commitment to empowering youths and women through sports.

The sun-kissed evening marked the commencement of the much-anticipated event, with a palpable sense of excitement and anticipation filling the air. Local residents, aspiring athletes, dignitaries, and spectators from neighboring towns and villages gathered at the sprawling Jambur School Sports Complex to witness the spectacle.

The Binta Barry Foundation, named after its visionary founder, a prominent philanthropist and women's rights advocate, has been working tirelessly to uplift the lives of marginalized youths and women across the West Coast Region. The Foundation's multifaceted initiatives focus on education, health, and economic empowerment. However, this particular sporting event held special significance as it aimed to promote the spirit of competition, teamwork, and camaraderie among the region's youth.

The athletic competition featured a diverse range of track and field events, including sprints, long jump, high jump, shot put, and relay races. The talented athletes, representing their respective towns and communities, demonstrated their prowess and determination, captivating the audience with their remarkable performances. The atmosphere was electric, with cheers and applause resonating throughout the stadium.

Mr. Kejau Touray, the spokesperson for the Binta Barry Foundation, expressed his elation at the overwhelming response and support received from the local community and beyond. He highlighted the Foundation's mission to create a platform where young athletes, especially women, can showcase their talents and be inspired to pursue careers in sports. "Sports not only promote physical well-being but also instill essential values like discipline, teamwork, and resilience," Mr. Touray remarked.

In addition to the thrilling athletic competitions, the event also included informative workshops and panel discussions focusing on the importance of gender equality and women's empowerment in sports. Esteemed speakers from various fields shared their insights, inspiring both athletes and spectators to break barriers and challenge stereotypes.

One of the event's standout moments was the inspiring address by Ms. Binta Barry, delivered by Lamin Sumareh, the Secretary General of the Foundation. In her passionate speech, she stressed the significance of supporting women in athletics and encouraged young girls to dream big and aim for greatness. "The field of sports is not limited by gender. With determination and the right support, women can achieve incredible feats in sports and any other field they choose," she asserted.

The athletic competition came to a thrilling close with a dazzling award ceremony, honoring the outstanding athletes and teams. However, the true victory lay in the lasting impact the event left on the region's youth, fostering a spirit of unity and empowerment that will reverberate for years to come.

The Binta Barry Foundation's grand athletic competition in Jambur was more than just a sporting event; it was a celebration of resilience, equality, and the limitless potential of youths and women in the West Coast Region. As the sun set on that unforgettable day, the legacy of the Foundation's efforts in transforming lives through sports stood tall, a beacon of hope for a brighter, more inclusive future.

About the Binta Barry Foundation: The Binta Barry Foundation for Youths and Women's Development is a non-profit organization established with the primary objective of empowering youths and women in The Gambia. Through various initiatives, the Foundation aims to break down socio-economic barriers and provide opportunities for marginalized individuals to thrive and lead fulfilling lives.