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The Binta Barry Foundation has several ongoing projects aimed at promoting education and gender equality in The Gambia. These projects include:

  1. Scholarship Program: The Foundation's scholarship program provides financial support to girls and young women from disadvantaged backgrounds to enable them to access education. The program covers tuition fees, school supplies, and other expenses.

  2. The Binta Barry Foundation recognizes the importance of technology in education and its potential to enhance learning outcomes for students. To this end, the Foundation has initiated projects to provide computer labs and IT education for schools and communities in The Gambia.

  3. Teacher Training: The Foundation provides training and professional development support to teachers to improve the quality of education in The Gambia. The Foundation works with schools and educational institutions to identify areas where teacher training is needed and provides training on a range of topics, including teaching methods, classroom management, and curriculum development.

  4. Girls' Education Advocacy: The Foundation advocates for girls' education and works to raise awareness about the importance of education for girls in The Gambia. The Foundation works with community leaders, parents, and other stakeholders to address the cultural and social barriers that prevent girls from accessing education.

  5. Health and Nutrition Support: The Foundation provides healthcare support to children and young people to ensure that they are healthy and able to attend school. The Foundation works with local healthcare providers to provide access to healthcare services, including vaccinations, health screenings, and treatment for illnesses.

In addition to these ongoing projects, the Binta Barry Foundation also conducts research and produces reports on issues related to education and gender equality in The Gambia. The Foundation works with other organizations and stakeholders to promote collaborative efforts to advance its mission of promoting education and gender equality.