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IT Training for Schools and Community

The Binta Barry Foundation recognizes the importance of technology in education and its potential to enhance learning outcomes for students. To this end, the Foundation has initiated projects to provide computer labs and IT education for schools and communities in The Gambia.


The Foundation has provided funding and technical support to schools to establish computer labs and to equip them with modern computer hardware and software. The computer labs are intended to provide students with access to digital resources and to enhance their digital literacy skills. The Foundation also provides IT education training for teachers and students to ensure that they have the necessary skills to make the most of the resources available to them.

In addition, the Foundation has launched a project to provide IT education for Arabic students and the wider community. The project aims to provide training on basic computer skills and digital literacy to students in Arabic schools and to community members who may not have had access to formal education. The project seeks to promote digital inclusion and to empower individuals and communities to participate in the digital economy.

Through these initiatives, the Binta Barry Foundation aims to promote access to technology and digital literacy skills, which are essential for success in today's world. The Foundation recognizes the potential of technology to transform education and to provide new opportunities for individuals and communities, and is committed to supporting efforts to bridge the digital divide in The Gambia.